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This workshop provides a systematic process to identify and locate appropriate grantmaking sources including foundations, corporate giving programs, and government agencies. Learn what tools to use to match the proper funding institution to the needs of your nonprofit organization.

What is the purpose grant writing In plain english?

Grant writing is a crucial process that involves completing an application for financial assistance from institutions like government departments, corporations, foundations, or trusts. Also known as a grant proposal or grant submission, it serves as a formal request for funding to support various projects, programs, or initiatives. Effective grant writing requires careful planning, thorough research, persuasive writing skills, and a clear presentation of the project's goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. By mastering the art of grant writing, organizations and individuals can increase their chances of securing the necessary resources to bring their visions to life.

What are the Basics of Grant Writing?‍

The goal of grant writing is to secure funding for your organization through grants, often awarded for a specific project or program. A key part of grant writing basics is the ability to demonstrate your passion for the work of your nonprofit and to share that passion with the grantmaker.

Grantmakers want to know that they are making a difference with their funds, so it’s important to show them the impact that your work will have.

Almost any grant writing course that you find will tell you that grant writing is a form of storytelling. Think of it like selling your nonprofit and the project that you have planned to someone who has no knowledge of your organization.

What are the Most Common Sections of Grant Proposals?

Another important aspect of grant writing basics is knowing the commonly requested information included in most grant proposals. Although many funders have different application processes, the key parts of these applications are generally similar. Here are five typical “sections” that are included in most grant proposals.

Why Take A Grant Writing Workshop

The good news is that training and hands-on practice can enable you to conquer grant writing, increase your chances of receiving funding, and devote more time to moving your scientific goals forward.

How To Register For The Grant Writing Workshop

Contact; request the next scheduled Grant Writing Workshop!; and register.

Grant Writing Course Fee(s)

The Grant Writing Workshop is a 50 hour intense workshop.

The course includes a lab as part of the workshop. This lab is completing an actual grant.

$1,575.00 this price includes materials.

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