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BBA Educational Business Classes

Effective Communication

  • Body Language-203

  • Public Speaking-202

  • Communication - 207

Crisis Strategies 

  • Critical Thinking -302

  • Conflict Resolution -304

  • Risk Assessement-301

Portfolio Workshops

  • Business Analysis-101

  • Budgeting-103

  • Business Plans-100

  • Web-site Building & Enhancement-10

  • Stationaries with Reason-106

Funding & Resources

  • Grant Writing-1001

  • Partnership Collaboration-1002

  • Sponsors vs Membership-1003

  • Loans-1006

  • Finding Investors-1008

  • Finding & Developing Funding Sources-1005

  • Grant Budgeting 1004


  • Business-to Business Marketing 502

  • Big Data Marketing-505

  • Negotiation The Power of Influence 503

  • Networking-506

Personal Enhancement

  • Life-Plan-401

  • Personal Time Management-403

  • Personal Budgeting-402

  • Mental Outlook on Life-406

  • Self Awarness-407

BBA-Plus Education Classes

1.Being A Likeable Boss

2.Body Language Basic

3.Budgets and Financial

4.Business Ethics

5.Business Etiquette

6.Business Letters

7.Change of Management

8.Coaching and Mentoring

9.Communication Strategies

10.Conflict Resolution

11.Creative Problem

12.Crisis Management

13.Critical Thinking

14.Customer Service/Customer Support


16.Conflict Resolution

17.Delivering Constructive Criticism

18.Developing a Lunch & Learn

19.Developing Corporate         Behavior

20.Developing New Managers

21.Diversity and Inclusion

22.Emotional Intelligence at Work

23.Employee Motivation

24.Employee Onboarding

25.Employee Recognition

26.Employee Termination


28.Event Planning

29.Facilitation Skills

30.First Aid

31.Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

32.Grant Seeking

33.Grant Writing

34.Handling A Difficult Customer

35.High Performance Team

36.Hiring Strategies

37.Improving Mind Functions

38.Interpersonal Skills

39.Invitation Letters

40.Job Readiness Solutions

41.Job Search Skills

42.Marketing Basics

43.Media and Public Relations

44.Millennial Challenge

45.Motivating Your Sales Team


47.Networking Outside the Company

48.Non - Profit Organization

49.Organizational Skills

50.Personals Productivity

51.Presentation Skills

52.Proposal writing/Business Plans Break Down

53.Public Speaking

54.Respect In the Workplace

55.Risk Assessment


57.Sensitivity Training

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